Hello & Welcome to my blog!

I’m Saloni

I’m 23, a lawyer by profession and based in India. Besides being engrossed in the routine things of life, I absolutely love to travel & write. (Yes, well, lawyers aren’t that boring, we like having fun too! :P) I’ve been travelling since my childhood because everyone in my family is a big travel enthusiast! (Yes, really a blessing :D) With time, I didn’t even realize when travel became such a big part of my life.

Through this blog I’ve combined two passions of mine- travelling & writing – and I attempt to document my experiences of places I’ve travelled to & explored. 🙂 I’ll be sharing my honest travel stories, interesting things I explored, hilarious events which happened with me and aspects where I messed up which you should absolutely avoid! 😀 My objective is to preserve these experiences so that I can happily look back at them & also I’d be more than delighted if sharing my stories helps you in creating a great experience of your own!

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